Doing an Allen Iverson crossover move would take a lot of energy from your knees. Let us say you are a right handed, in my case I usually fake as if I am going right then crosses the ball over to the left and I am right handed so it depends what direction you want to develop. But let us say you are going to do an Allen Iverson killer crossover which is faking from left and explodes to the right. I have noticed Iverson usually dribbles the ball twice or trice executing a crossover move.

First move, he takes a big wide step to the left facing his toes about 45 degrees bending his elbow a bit that is handling the ball with body leaning down and butt out. Simultaneously, his right knee bends down facing around 45 degrees to the left which means his right foot's hill up and bull to ground exerting a force for his left foot which taking a big step. Then his right hand taps his left shoulder while turning his hear facing left direction. remember that these are done all almost exactly at the same time. He then expands his left hand downward with the ball in it as wide as it could reach parallel to his body while his body falling down a bit to the left. He slides his right foot most probably about 8 inches to the left direction as if its knee is to bang with the left knee.

Now in Iverson crossover, usually he hangs for a moment watching if his opponent bites the fake. As for me I look at my defender's feet, if I am faking to the right, then I always look at h9is left foot, if it moves about 6 inches to my right where I am faking, then i will go for it. Like Allen Iverson crossover move, he slides back his right foot to the right before crossing the ball over from left to right. This may seem simple but for me this is the most difficult. When you see your opponent biting your fake, by the time he moves his "ankle break" I say ankle break because it is the one that breaks if he falls to the trap, you should by all your might make your left knee to halt your entire body carrying its weight. If you can not beat the enertia, then you would not be able to do an Allen Iverson move.

Well, this is just the first part. After you do the sudden break, all at once you should push to the right with quickness, sliding your right foot back to the right direction. while crossing the ball through almost in front of your right foot. I usually put the ball around 80% in between my feet. Let us say I spread my feet 36 inches apart, it means I cross the ball over about 29 inches from my pushing foot or 7 inches before my extending foot. When crossing the ball, Iverson either swings his entire left arm to the right or just bend his wrist to push the ball over for an explosive killer crossover. I use the wrist bending and push the ball over with my finger tips because the defender is not that quick to realize you are crossing the ball since he is busy reading your body language. When done simultaneously and explosively, using wrist bending is too little body part and too little movement to be noticed by the opponent.

After leaving your man behind, it is either you take a pull up jumper or go straight to the goal. But if he does not bite the fake, since you are hanging you can decide to crossover or to go straight to the direction you are faking to. That is why it is really important to have a strong legs to hang in there. Brake and push that is key. Break their ankles and leave them biting some dust.